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Got Behind… So A Product…

Late on Writing and Workshops Tonight…

So nothing here as I had planned.  But I have to post something to keep my daily blog streak alive.

Yup, the power of a streak.

So instead I am going to post a fun merchandise thing I have had since the early 1990s and never used. It is a note pad about 3 inches by 3 inches and 3 inches high of blank sheets of paper. About a thousand sheets of thin paper I am guessing. It is called a “Note Cube.”

No idea what this would cost today, or if it could be done POD, but I thought it was cool when I carried it home from a convention 30 plus years ago given to me at a Doubleday party (There is a long dead major publisher.) Amazing it has not yellowed.

If anyone knows where something like this could be produced POD and what the cost would, let us all know in the comments. If not POD, don’t bother. Thanks!