Challenge,  running

Thank You Everyone!!!

Thanks for the Congratulations…

Very very much appreciated.

And yes, this was it for marathons for me. Accomplished the goal, now I’m going to keep running, but stick with the fun 5K, 10K, and half marathons that are more fun and don’t do the damage a marathon does. The charity runs, mostly. They keep me in shape as well.

Update today. Not a pretty sight me walking. Kris bandaged my bad heel again, but the rest of the damage is bruising and blood blisters and really sore leg muscles and knees. And Advil is in my future shortly this morning. And a lot of time in this chair and on the couch.

Going to be a long week of limping and waking funny as things heal and loosen up. As expected.

On the race course every mile they had some funny or pithy sign. Some were bad puns, some were motivational, some were just silly. One about mile 15 just said, “Uber Stops Here.”

Another at about mile 20 said, “Suffer a short time now for bragging rights for life.” Yup.

There were only three people in my age bracket. But what I found interesting was how they listed the age bracket. 70-120.

So again, thanks everyone for the congratulations. I’m limping on both feet, legs and knees hurt and don’t want to move on command just yet, and I am sunburned and wind-burned on my neck and face. But I am smiling and I feel great.

In fact, I feel fantastic.