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Thank You All!

Very Much Appreciate the Responses on the Workshop Question…

So clearly from the comments here and the emails, Kris and I need to start putting this workshop together for some time in early 2022. So thank you one and all. Now that I have heard the comments and such, it is very clear the workshop will be valuable to writers of all levels. That’s perfect. So thanks!

Visions of the Future Storybundle has just over one day left. There are some really fun books in this one. Ten books for $15. Great reading and you can give it as a gift if you want.

So one day left. Don’t miss this one.



  • Philip

    Dean, I think for a lot of us, our ideal workshop would be to somehow pay you $100,000 to move into the condo next door to yours and Kris’s and have you adopt us as creative parents. You’d be our first readers, give us pep talks about Critical Voice, and force us to get 10k steps in per day.