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Holiday Sale!!!

Starts American Thanksgiving (Thursday Morning)

The code is HolidaySale to get 50% off any workshop or challenge or lecture or Pop-Up.

We are calling it the HolidaySale (code is all one word) because it is starting on Thanksgiving, going over Black Friday, then through Small Business Saturday, and through Cyber Monday to end on Thursday, December 2nd. Just one week with a major US holiday and three major shopping days in that week.

This is on Teachable.

And yes, you can give workshops as gifts. Just write me directly and I will make sure it happens.

And you can get credit for future workshops as well.

All of the December and January regular workshops are up and available, and we have up at least 54 Pop-Up classes.

The challenges of doing a short story per week, a novel every two months, or publishing a major project every month are available in this as well.

Also the best deals are the lifetime workshops. Six new Study Along workshops coming this next year.

So just find whatever class you would like, hit purchase, and then put in the code HolidaySale on the top of the next page to get 50% off the price.

Again, This is on Teachable.

Any problems or questions, feel free to write me directly.

And for those of you in the States, have a great holiday.


  • Philip

    Making A Living With Novels looks awesome. 99% sure I’ll register for that one.

    Quick question, do you cover the reasons why authors should go wide instead of Amazon exclusive? I always click on the links of authors who comment here and noticed so many of us are devotees of most of your methods so we still go exclusive for fear of not being “discoverable.”

    • dwsmith

      Oh, I’m sure I do, but any kind of logic gives you the answer. In Select, you are exclusive to about 3% of the worlds readers in English, and most of those readers don’t read for author, they read for free stuff. You do not build a long-term audience and it is not the readers who are buying your book, it is Amazon giving you money to help them promote their site. Nothing more.

      You go wide, with almost no work, you can get to over 80% of the worlds English readers and they know your name and buy your book with their own money, so you can build long-term readers of your work. And with even more work, and some time, you can get to about 91% of all English readers. (That last 9% or so is a tough road.)

      Anyone deciding on Select exclusive is making a very short term and bad decision for their writing. However, there are a couple other subscription services that are not exclusive and they are great. If Select took off the exclusive feature, it would be great. But as it is, it is stupid, plain and simple.

      • Philip

        Makes a ton of sense. Definitely registering for the novels workshop when I get paid tomorrow.

        Another issue is there’s zero way (rights, permissions) to audit Amazon’s page reads calculation. Not to mention most people who get their KDP accounts banned are those exclusive to the site.

        • dwsmith

          And Amazon can pull the plug on the entire thing at any moment and without notice once it is not worth their advertising money spent. And if you are there, you will basically be starting from scratch.

  • Mihnea+Manduteanu

    Itching to take “Making a living with novels”. Then again, I am playing the long game, I hope to “win” the great challenge in half a year and get a lifetime sub.
    One question, Dean. Making a living with novels, should we take it once we hit the magic number of 20 or is it OK to take it earlier?

    • dwsmith

      Any time is fine. It helps you get to where you want to be and what to do to get there. The Pulp Speed workshop later in the year will go hand-in-hand with it.

  • Victoria+Goddard

    Got The Master Plot Formula and also Heinlein’s Rules lectures today, as I was thinking about both recently–I’m planning on aiming at Pulp Speed One in 2022. So far I’ve only listened to the Master Plot one. It was great, very thought-provoking and definitely worth it!

  • Mihnea+Manduteanu

    Dean, I have a trick question 🙂 which of the lectures, pop ups, etc, would help with the challenge you have planned for 2022? And don’t say all of them. Maybe just a hint…

    • dwsmith

      LOL… Pulp Speed class coming up. Critical Voice class (I don’t need since I have all that cleared.) Heinlein’s Rules. This challenge will be a writing challenge. So anything to do with writing and figuring out what to do with a lot of IP.

      Most of the writers who finish the short story a week challenge can’t figure out what to do with the 52 stories and the critical voice comes in and convinces them that most of the stories aren’t that good, so they do nothing with them. So this challenge will be a high levels of pulp speed and everything will have a home, multiple homes actually, over time.

  • June Leung

    Get the novel challenge. Will start when I finish the novel I am currently at. This is also my first year finding out and trying my hand on Heinlein’s rules. (Okay, actually not even my first quarter into it). It’s going to be fun. Can’t wait to snag the workshops after I come out of the other end of the challenge.