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    Notice The Construction?

    Having a Great Time… Old web site just finally gave up the ghost, and this was the theme I will be using for Smith’s Fiction web site, so just went and got it for this. Thankfully I got my blog up so I didn’t miss my streak. So some group mind help. Even with this new theme, every time I save a post it says “Updating Failed” so does anyone have any idea what I am missing. The post is saved fine, and then when I go to publish it, it says “Publishing Failed” even though it published fine. Anyone got any idea what I am missing? More than likely…

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    Getting Started On Make 100

    Many Steps… First off, next week everyone who supported my crazy idea to Make 100 Paperbacks will be contacted with the code for the Pop-Up bonus, plus to get your choice of Classic Workshop. And also since most surveys are in, we will be sending out the books that can go out. Again, thanks everyone. So tonight, after my eyes got tired from reading for the anthology workshop, I started the first step of cleaning up the Smith’s Monthly web site. Found a new theme that will work for now, loaded the advanced pro part of it, got everything updated on the back side. The theme will work great for…

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    Kris’s Website Is Down

    We know about the site being down and there are a host of wonderful people working on it as I type this. It should be back up by tomorrow (Monday) just fine. Ahh, aren’t these things fun. (grin)

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    One Topic Per Post

    One Topic Per Post Mostly. Making the changes here to this web site so I can then start working on the book side of this place. This is a lot cleaner, that’s for sure. Still a few changes to be made, but getting closer. And one topic per post will allow me to do more writing and craft posts and allow those to be forwarded. I will also be able to collect them easier. The long line of 37 Issues of Smith’s Monthly that were down the side are now down on three footer widgets. You can click on them and go to the Smith’s Monthly web site, but that site…