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Notice The Construction?

Having a Great Time…

Old web site just finally gave up the ghost, and this was the theme I will be using for Smith’s Fiction web site, so just went and got it for this. Thankfully I got my blog up so I didn’t miss my streak.

So some group mind help.

Even with this new theme, every time I save a post it says “Updating Failed” so does anyone have any idea what I am missing. The post is saved fine, and then when I go to publish it, it says “Publishing Failed” even though it published fine.

Anyone got any idea what I am missing? More than likely a plug-in of some sort. Just weird. And not listed on any of the common Word Press error sites.

So thanks for the patience on this construction. Will take me a while to get everything in place and working, I hope. So now I will hit publish on this, it will say Publishing Failed, in a pink band across this post in edit mode, but it will be published. Strange, strange things.


  • Bill Peschel

    Well, the blunt force way of figuring it out is to disable all your plug-ins and publish or update a post and see what happens. If it goes through fine, you know it’s one of the plug-ins. If not, I’d install another theme — maybe one of the WordPress themes — and try again.

    • dwsmith

      Just did the theme thing, including a pro version of one of them, all of them had the same issue, so thinking I am missing a plug in. But will try the other way. Thanks!

  • Maree

    Gotta say that the dead anorexic girl is pretty off putting. Besides that image the new theme seems nice

  • David

    If you’re using the latest version of WordPress (i.e. 5.something) then I would try installing a plug-in called “Classic Editor”. Make the classic editor your default editor and see if that resolves the problem.

    If it does, then the underlying problem is a conflict between the theme and the editor.

  • Aniket Gore

    When I first came here, I thought I accidentally came to someone else site.

    I liked this theme.

    • dwsmith

      Don’t know because I like the classic editor a ton better than the new block style, so haven’t gone back to test the other way.

  • Eric Beaty

    Just had a notion to visit this site for the first time in I don’t know when and see how you’re doing, so the theme is brand new to me. Looks good. Sleek and minimalistic. Lots of stuff on the sidebar, though, which is a little distracting, especially all those class dates.