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One Topic Per Post

One Topic Per Post


Making the changes here to this web site so I can then start working on the book side of this place. This is a lot cleaner, that’s for sure. Still a few changes to be made, but getting closer.

And one topic per post will allow me to do more writing and craft posts and allow those to be forwarded. I will also be able to collect them easier.

The long line of 37 Issues of Smith’s Monthly that were down the side are now down on three footer widgets. You can click on them and go to the Smith’s Monthly web site, but that site is my next thing to fix. All those issues look pretty impressive down there if I do say so myself. (grin)

I have moved the running totals over to the right widget and also cleaned that widget up as well, getting rid of a bunch of stuff there.

I have also shortened down the workshop post stuck at the top and will remove it after the first of November, if not sooner. I will also do stand-alone workshop posts at times as well, more than likely once a week or as need arises.

I will continue to leave the Patreon link at the bottom of every post. And I will make some slight changes to that over this next month. Right now I owe the Patreon supporters two, soon to be three, issues of Smith’s Monthly. Many of these stand-alone blogs will also be posted there if they are appropriate.

So out front changes, then a bunch of work to get links to all my books. Slowly turning this web site to a less-cluttered more writer site. Thanks for following me and all the support. It means a great deal.
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  • Harvey

    As is often the case, this post is a lode of gemstones to be mined. Thanks Dean. And looking very forward on this end to the POV workshop coming up next week.

  • J.A. Marlow

    I like that you moved the totals to a sidebar widget. Definitely makes your site and posts ‘cleaner.’ For the bottom listings of Smith’s Monthly, have you thought of three rotating ad widgets? That would shorten the overall length of a blog page.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, working on that. Moved them to four footer widgets which helped. Also, they don’t show on posts, just the front page. Update… they do show on the posts… trying to fix that.


  • Prasenjeet

    You’ve done a great job with the blog! May I suggest that you should also link your books to various retailer sites so that readers can easily be sent to different sales page. When I want to have a look at your books on Amazon, there is no link directing me to your Amazon sales page. As a result, I have to open a separate tab, go to Amazon and then specifically search for your books which is a bit of a hassle. Make it easier for your readers to find and buy your books. Have a nice day! You and Kris and Joanna look fantastic. 🙂

    • dwsmith

      Doing that. The next step, actually, to get a universal link on every title. Going to take a little time, but it will allow a reader to jump to any store that offers the book or story anywhere in the world. That’s part of this next step. (grin) Thanks!