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Getting Started On Make 100

Many Steps…

First off, next week everyone who supported my crazy idea to Make 100 Paperbacks will be contacted with the code for the Pop-Up bonus, plus to get your choice of Classic Workshop. And also since most surveys are in, we will be sending out the books that can go out. Again, thanks everyone.

So tonight, after my eyes got tired from reading for the anthology workshop, I started the first step of cleaning up the Smith’s Monthly web site. Found a new theme that will work for now, loaded the advanced pro part of it, got everything updated on the back side.

The theme will work great for this first step in the process, then I will move one more time to a really advanced theme for other reasons explained this summer. But this theme might even work to clean up this web site a bunch. And get some stuff working.

Next step is get the content up to date as much as possible.

Why that web site? Because it will be the new home for Smith’s Fiction. My blog will slowly point to it as I get more fiction over there. And I will host a free story of the week there as well. But going to take some time to get that fixed right.

Then next week I get the Adobe Suite for the new InDesign and PhotoShop and start the learning process by updating the old Smith’s Monthly covers. We have updated the series covers of the novels, but no one (meaning me) took the time to go back and update the issue covers. Way past time. (grin)

By the time I fix about a dozen of those covers, and get Issue #45 laid out and the cover done and everything turned in, I will have a good sense of how to use the new InDesign. (One I have been using is a good eight years old.)

So I am starting. Step one is done. Moving forward. Going to be great fun.