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Launching Spade/Paladin Kickstarter

Another Fun Campaign…

This campaign is for the new (and first) Spade/Paladin novel. This new book is great fun and a great read, just as all the Spade/Paladin stories have been. A mystery puzzle novel set at a science fiction convention. Everyone who backs the campaign for any reward will get a copy of the book.

Plus we have a lot of other books, plus two great special workshops to never be offered anywhere else. And, of course, some amazing stretch goals including more Spade/Paladin stories and some nifty Pop-Up writing classes for writers.

And for five of the hardbacks, we will bind in a full first page dedicated to one person. In essence a one-of-a-kind copy of TEN LITTLE FEN in hardback with a note printed in the book from Kris. Really fun and they would make a great gift for someone. But only limited to five.

This campaign launches Tuesday at noon. (In about 11 hours from when I type this.)

Here is the link to following the campaign and to have Kickstarter tell you when it launches.

And this campaign will be a short one. We usually run these for three weeks, but this one is only two weeks or so. So jump in quick and help us get to a stretch goal or two. And trust me, you’ll love the book. A really fun mystery with, you know, science fiction fans.

Click here.