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Quick Post With a Cat

Angel is Doing Laps…

She is running from one end of the condo to the other right now, growling and chasing some unseen thing, sliding around corners on the hardwood floors. The two boys in promotion central are not going to know what hit them after Angel and both boys move up to a new condo together later in the week.  Could really be fun to watch and I am sure Kris will have some stories in her posts on Facebook.

I am just going to post a couple pictures of her tonight because I have some other stuff to do and I need a blog post here to keep up my streak. So what better thing to do is post a few cat pictures.

We think she is a partial Birman and partial Siamese. (Red point or flame point.) She is as smart as I have seen a cat and we have had some really smart cats over the decades.

Going to be really fun in the new place.

Image of her sleeping on the chair behind my internet chair while I work. Second image of her approving some photos of her that I downloaded to my computer desktop.


  • Karen

    Ha, ha, ha! A different definition of a lap cat! And she really does look like she’s approving those pictures! Can’t wait for the stories of her meeting the boys!


  • Wenda Morrone

    My orange boy likes to lie behind my monitor so we can play cat and mouse with my mouse.

  • Laura Eaton

    Hey Dean,
    You inadvertently posted your WIFI password on your blog post today. It’s in the photo of Angel looking at your monitor screen.

    Probably best to change it ASAP.

    Angel is such a cutie.

    • dwsmith

      Already changed and besides, we will be out of here and shut down in a few days. (grin) I saw it there, but liked the picture too much to mess with it.