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Something like day 2,626 of blogs without a miss.

So tonight, since I have been reading stories and such, I felt too tired to write much or post another chapter in the Trademark book, so figured I would just show you one of the covers from my Make 100 Paperbacks.

Working my way right through them and having fun.

So here is a new short story cover from issue three of Smith’s Monthly. Cover is front, back, and spine. I used the same art that was in the issue originally for the story.  5 x 8 inch trim.

This one is the first story of a new series I wrote a couple stories in and then forgot about. Amazing what you find when you look back to refresh and do new covers.

Yes, I start entire series and forget about them. One of the fun things about writing a lot. Got a hunch this won’t be the only forgotten series I will find as I work my way through these 100 covers and beyond.

Damn, I remember now really liking this series.