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Some Updates…

Thanks, Everyone…

For the support of our grand opening sale for the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine new Shopify store. It was great and we got the store off the ground. Just wonderful! Thanks!!

A couple of updates… I will turn off the sale for the workshops around noon when I get up. I would imagine the folks at WMG will be shutting off the sale for the bookstores as well around that point. So if you are up before noon West Coast Time, you can still grab a workshop at half price (see the last number of posts for details.)


I got really delayed this weekend and will have all the sign-up information out on them tomorrow during the day. The August sessions start on Tuesday. September sessions start on September 12th.  Everyone signed up with get a personal email from me tomorrow during the day with the information on how to get into them. Sorry for the slight delay.


For the next two weeks it will be on Friday at 4pm West Coast Time. The recording of the last one is up on the workshop and the links to get in on Friday are there as well.

Anyone have any questions, or I missed an email that was sent before Sunday, feel free to write me. Now that the sale is over, things here will return to other topics and I have a few soapboxes that need climbing on, so stay tuned.


    • dwsmith

      They are all there, all 24 of them plus 3 bundles. Before the regular workshops. They have pop-art like images for fantasy sf, and mystery.

  • E. R. Paskey

    They’re not labeled “Down in the Details.” If you search “writing”, those 24 classes will all pop up. As for the bundles, search “bundle” and the bundles will pop up.

    Conversely, you can scroll though everything WMG has and you’ll find them.