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11 Years Plus…

Twelve Years Ago Bill Trojan Died…

He was a sf and mystery fan, a collector, a hoarder, and a great friend. I spent most of a year taking care of his stuff after he died and settling his estate.

11 years ago on August 1st I started a blog streak, saying something here every night.

11 Years Have Gone By…

I have never missed. Power failures, internet failures, computer crashes, being in the hospital, I never missed a blog.  As of today, this is blog 4,030 in a row.

I was 60 years old when I started this. In the last 11 years I have also written about 14 million consumable words.

Kris reminds me just about every day that I need to write something here. She has saved this blog streak many times.

Sometimes what I write I turn into books, sometimes I am pushing workshops or Kickstarters. Might even start pushing at times my own novels. (Shock!)

But I was so busy on August 1st I forgot to make note of the passing of 11 years without missing.

Going for 12… Stay tuned.