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A lot of stuff happening at once just as I finished this monster move today. Now just a few small things left to do over time like hanging art and putting books on a few remaining shelves. All minor so I can get back to really writing and exercising.

So figured I would list a few things that happened in the last few days, besides me getting stupidly behind on my email. (grin)

— SMITH’S MONTHLY #51 published today. You can get all the information about it at

I posted the story art and covers last night.  Very proud I got this issue out. Thanks, Gwyneth and Josh for all the help.

PULPHOUSE FICTION MAGAZINE Subscription 2021 Kickstarter campaign hit its’s fourth stretch goal and is well on the way to #5 with two weeks left to go. Now all backers get a sample issue, three special books, and two writer classes for no extra cost.

And if we hit that next stretch goal, it will be even more.  Check it out here.

COLD POKER GANG hardback set of my mystery novels arrived. Wow is it cool, with about half of them with brand new covers. 12 mystery novels, my first hardbacks in a 40-plus year career with my real name on the outside. Can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me.

IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS. In a week or so Kris and I will announce the 2022 in-person workshops. They are going to be so much fun and even though we are both teaching all of them, she is leading some and I am leading some. Yes, I said “some.” So stay tuned. I am shocked we came up and detailed out all of this while in the middle of the move. Took us some lunches and I think because we were so tired, these might be a ton of fun. How is that for vague? (grin)

BOOK IN CAT STORYBUNDLE… Yes, I have the same short novel in a cat Storybundle as I do in Smith’s Monthly #51. I also have a collection of Pulphouse stories called CATTITUDE in the bundle. And I co-edited with Kris one of the other books in there of cat stories from Year of the Cat. You can find the bundle right here. Worth grabbing, folks.

So that is some of the stuff that happened this last week while Kris and I were moving.

And, on top of all that, in two days (two more blogs) I will have blogged every day, WITHOUT MISSING for nine straight years.

Yes, I said years.

That is 3,285 days straight. Through computer failures, major storms with no power, sickness including being in the hospital, and four major moves.

People in my old life, before writing, used to say I could never stick with anything.  They are all dead and I am still writing and blogging. Guess I win. (grin)



  • Britt+Malka

    Well done for winning 😀

    I hope you reach the $25K stretch goal. Those two last workshops sound SOOOOOO good! I want them.

    So I have shared the link on Facebook (on my wall) and in a group consisting of marketers. Who knows? A lot of copywriters write fiction as well, so I hope that can push the sales a bit.

    Oh wait, I should share in writers groups as well. Stupid me. Off to FB for another couple of minutes.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Britt. Really appreciate it. And yeah, those two classes do sound like a ton of fun, don’t they?