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Some Really Fun Photos

Yup, Friday Night…

And since I have a blog streak to continue, I figured some fun photos of things from this last week.

First off, a great photo of Kris and Kevin J. Anderson. They met in a college writing program and have been best friends ever since. Kevin and Rebecca were in town visiting family and we got to spend a few hours with them. (Yes, that was a hell of a creative writing class. From what I understand, they both had more things published when they took the class than the instructor.)

Second, a photo of me, Kris, and Sean Optimist-Prime Young. We had lunch on Sunday. Great time. Sean used to live in Lincoln City but moved back to Vegas for family a few years ago. I suck, however, at taking a selfie. I think that was my first try.

Kris was writing in a nearby restaurant when who should show up? Todd McCaffrey and Brianna Winner. They both live in Las Vegas and are working on a project together and had decided to take a break for lunch. Brianna recognized Kris before Todd did.

Got the flyers back from the printers today for the Licensing Expo. On the Learn Along I will detail out what we did, show jpgs of the inside and out of the flyers at some point in the next few days, but I wanted to show them to the boys. They were not impressed.

However, Kris liked them and held the three for her different series up to hide behind.

Here is a picture of all four of them. The important stuff for the Licensing Expo is on the back and inside. But the printer did a fantastic job and so did Josh up at WMG. Want to know why we did these and how we are going to use them, take the Learn Along. (grin)


  • Philip

    Looks like a lot of fun happening in Vegas!

    Do you and Kevin ever debate outlining vs. Writing into the dark, or is it an agree to disagree scenario?

    He’s said his process is extensive chapter by chapter outlines.

    • dwsmith

      Well, when you really look at Kevin’s process, it allows the creative voice to be in complete control. He hikes mountain trails while he writes, talking into a recorder. And he usually writes with Brian, so they have to have it detailed out to keep on track. So we don’t even disagree on either way, actually. Every writer is different. The key with outlining is not do it out of fear that you won’t know where you are going. That’s critical voice. Kevin over the decades does it to help his creative voice stay organized, nothing more. But beginning writers always outline out of fear.