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I Jumped The Gun

I Posted the First Video on the Learn Along…

I wasn’t going to until the 28th, but felt I needed to get videos going up there. And besides, I ran into a bunch of licenses this evening most will have never given much thought to and wanted to start getting everyone who is signed up prepared.

Get everyone looking around at all the licenses around them, just as I am doing.

So I started early and put up a first video tonight for the Learn Along with me for the 2019 Licensing Expo.

And I gave everyone taking this free access to the Magic Bakery Classic Workshop. Why, because even if you have taken that workshop in the past, you really need it right now for preparation if you are going to get the most out of this learn along and Licensing Expo.

(I will NOT trade the workshop for another if you have already taken it or are a lifetime member. Just realize that I am putting it there for a reason and you need to go through it again.)

No worry, the videos I am putting up now will be there if you can’t sign up until next week or the first or something. But the few who did jump in early, I wanted to give them a lot of time to prepare and get ready to learn as much as I am going to learn. Maybe more.

So likely now, because I am excited, I will be putting up videos and stuff pretty much every day. So much for my great plan of waiting until the 28th. (grin)

Cost for all of this is $200.

You can sign up on Teachable.

All the information is on last night’s blog, but here again is the video that is the introduction. (Not the one I put up tonight.)

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  • Isabo Kelly

    Funnily enough, I was just reading the Magic Bakery book when you announced this Learn Along. I took the workshop a couple months ago but will refresh now. Guess I was prepping for this Learn Along before it existed LOL. Thanks again!