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Very Weird Movie

Destination Wedding…

Starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. The only two people that talk during the entire movie, a running discussion.

Kris and I decided to stay home tonight and watch a movie and that one popped up and looked interesting and wow was it strange. I doubt it cost much to make and I doubt it even made its money back, and I bet anything critics hated it, but the writer and director Victor Levin clearly had some fun.

If there was such a thing as a Pulphouse movie, Destination Wedding would be it. It is not a normal romantic comedy. It’s not a normal anything, actually. I loved it. Me and more than likely about six other people.

Don’t take me wrong. Not saying anyone should or should not watch this one unless you are into over-the-top dialog and head-shaking character interaction. And some wonderful comments about society that I agreed with more than I want to admit.

And I flat loved the Mountain Lion scene.


  • Murees Dupé

    Keanu’s witty comebacks, and dialogue was brilliant. I liked the movie as well. He and Winnona have good chemistry, and he was simply hilarious. How he keeps saying she’s crazy? It was so good. And that noise he keeps making to clear his ear, or something? ??

  • Daniel Fellows

    You’re spot on with the not making its money back. Just went on Wikipedia: Budget was $5 million and it brought in $1.6 million. Sounds interesting, though. Will check it out.

  • Bill Peschel

    The wife and I saw this recently, based on the trailer. We loved it.

    We’ve learned over the years to distrust the mass of critics. Even individual critics have their failings. But lately the Rotten Tomatoes site has shown that aggregating voices into votes is a terrible way to judge movies.

    We found it with “Alex and Emma,” which is a charming rom-com involving a writer hiring a stenographer to finish his book before a gambling debt comes due (based, if you can believe it on how Dostoevsky met and married). We’ve seen it on DVD twice, and while it does have it’s faults, it doesn’t deserve the 15% rating on RT.

    Another surprise recently was Holmes and Watson. Being a Sherlockian, I was prepared to groan through the movie (I didn’t like the trailer, either). Instead, I laughed my ass off. If you take it as a couple of clowns clowning through the movie in a style reminiscent of Mad magazine’s movie parodies — with in-jokes and stuff going on in the background — it’s hilarious.

  • J.R. Johnson

    Loved this movie. I’d recommend it for the witty, well-thought-out dialogue, even though there are only three speaking parts (and that’s if you count the mountain lion:). We spent large parts of it trying not to laugh up our drinks. Smart, funny, unexpected, good acting, satisfying ending. What’s not to love?