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Some Questions On New Sale…

Fall Special Workshop Sale…

Starts today and ends next Sunday, October 10th, so don’t miss this one. Just one week!

Everything on WMG Publishing Teachable half price. Just use the code:


I wanted to answer a few questions that I got.

First off, the brand new HOW TO MAKE A LIVING WITH NOVELS is for any level of writer. If you are selling and writing novels regularly, this will help you put the pieces together. If you are just hoping to write novels in the future, this will detail out what you need to do. So for all levels and a full six weeks of information.

Second, yes both new workshops are part of the Lifetime Workshop Subscription. Sorry last night I forgot to add the novel one in, but it is in there now. Two new workshops in two months and right now over $15,000 in workshops in there. A good deal, that’s for sure.

The Holiday Collection class will be exactly the same as the one going on now that started in September and the one that will start in January. We just added an extra of the same workshop to start in November so you can write holiday stories during the holiday season and have a collection near the end of the season. No other reason. Same price as the others.

I am reading the stories from the Pulphouse and Monetize special workshops and will have those done in a week or so. Stay turned.

I think there may have been more questions, but I got up this morning way early (6 am) to run in a 5K race. Had fun, but slept most of the afternoon and I have a novel to finish under deadline, so that took a lot of my waking time today so only got a few stories read.

Remember, this workshop sale is only for a week.

Everything on WMG Publishing Teachable is half price. Just use the code: