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Fall Special Workshop Sale!!

For One Week Only!!!

Starts today and ends next Sunday, October 10th, so don’t miss this one. Just one week!

Everything on WMG Publishing Teachable half price. Just use the code:


Lots of new workshops and writing classes.

Two months ago when we did the last sale, we suspected it would be the last one, but we had thought that before. And over this last month we have gotten a lot of questions about doing another sale. So in the end, after two months, we felt we could do a week-long sale to help out and keep people learning this fall.

Plus, we have some really amazing new workshops.


That is starting on October 5th and then it is offered again on November 3rd and every month for a while after that. Going to be amazing. And difficult.


That is starting on November 2nd. We had thought it might be a different kind of workshop, but there is just too much information even to fit into a six week workshop.  I have talked about this topic a lot in conjunction to making a living with short fiction, but that Pop-Up was mostly all math. This has the math and everything else you need to do to make a living with writing novels.


We are doing a Holiday Class right now that will end the last week of October. And we had another session of the class scheduled to start in January. But we got a lot of requests from people who wanted to write stories during the holiday season and do a holiday collection to come out in December. So we have added a new special section of the HOLIDAY COLLECTION CLASS to start November 1st. Should be a lot of fun.

We also have the six Study Along classes that are coming up fast, with the first reading list going out at the end of the year for the March class. Plus the novella classes that are an addition to each Study Along class. Might want to grab a few of those. or better yet the lifetime to the Study Along classes in the sale and get all of them plus the ones already done in the past. Fantastic deal.

I also added a couple of Pop-Up bundles. And there are the four places you can get three of each type of class for a discounted price, plus during the sale for half price.

And all the other stuff, including the Lifetime Subscription to all the workshops. Sale is a great time to get that. Two new workshops just in October and November. More coming this winter.

Here is a list for the October and November workshops.

Class #31… Oct 5th … Covers 101
Class #33… Oct 5th … Publishing 101
Class #34… Oct 5th … Writing with Speed
Class #35… Oct 5th … Teams in Fiction
Class #36… Oct 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #37… Oct 6th … Kickstarter
Class #39… Oct 6th … Power Words
Class #40… Oct 6th… Killing Critical Voice

Class #41… Nov 2nd … Covers 101
Class #42… Nov 2nd … Living Writing Novels
Class #43… Nov 2nd … Publishing 101
Class #44… Nov 2nd … Writing into the Dark
Class #45… Nov 2nd … Writing Sales Copy
Class #46… Nov 3rd … Depth in Writing
Class #47… Nov 3rd … Writing Short Stories
Class #48… Nov 3rd … Killing Critical Voice
Class #49… Nov 3rd … Power Words
Class #50… Nov 3rd … Advanced Depth

For the next week, to get any workshop available on Teachable for half price, just use the code:

Code Word to get anything half price is:


Remember, this only lasts one week this time, ending in the evening of Sunday, October 10th.


  • E.R. Paskey

    Wow, this is exciting!!! I was already pumped for the Power Words workshop (I’ve been going back through Depth and Advanced Depth after the Romance Study-Along as a refresher), but a six-week Making a Living With Novels workshop? You made my day. *grin*

    Thanks for all you and Kris do to help writers.