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Some New Goals

New Goals…

I am back at writing and exercise with new goals on both.

Writing Goal

My big goal is to get back up to pulp speed (million words a year fiction) and hold it for all of 2017, which would include staying on time until issue #50 of Smith’s Monthly.

Now that’s an impossible goal to wrap my head around, so I am going to break it down into a shorter time frame to start with.

Between now and the end of the year I want to write a number of novels, with luck at least three or four done between now and the end of the year. And at least eight short stories.

That will get me to Pulp Speed in the writing and be cruising as I hit the first of the year.

You will note that on the Smith’s Monthly tracker in the right widget, I need at least three novels to get all the issues left in 2016 out. And at least five or six short stories.

So a solid goal with real reasons behind it.

As I have done every post for the last three years, I will track the writing on the novels and stories for those interested in following along with my writing. Only I will do it its own page and put the link to the page at the bottom of every post instead of cluttering up the posts.  (Page can also be found under the tracking-fiction page in the top menu.)

Also, that will allow me to have each day’s information one after another and make it easy to see progress. I will put comments about the writing with each day as well. So a click on the link for those interested should make the tracking interesting and easy and also keep these main posts clear of all the clutter.

Today I got 2,100 words done on the new novel. A start. For more details, click on the link below.

Exercise Goal

The challenge is to run the Rock and Roll Marathon in Las Vegas in November 2017. And finish it in under five hours, the cut-off time.

Now I suck at long-term goals like that, both in writing and in exercise. So just as I did with the writing goal above, narrowing it down to just under two months, I am going to narrow down this running goal into bite-sized chunks as well.

The exercise goal, starting in January is to run a half marathon (13.2 miles) every month for ten months before running the marathon in November. And lose at least 25 pounds from where I am right now in the process.

I will also track this on its own page every day. I have the first four half-marathons I hope to run listed there and will confirm them when I sign up. But first I need to get distance up this month and drop some weight.

I lost 25 pounds from July 1st until I got stopped, gained really none of it back, so now I have another 25 pounds to drop, with luck before April.

So in both the writing and the exercise I have broken down a larger goal into a small chunk of time and smaller goals so my old brain and short attention span can hold on.

So if you are interested in following along with either or both of the progress and how I fight goals into actual accomplishments, just click on the link at the bottom of each post each day.

Now onward.

Tracking Fiction Page
Tracking Exercise Page
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  • Vera Soroka

    I must say I admire you for moving forward and setting goals. I followed one writer in your country and because of the election she is devastated by it all. She has had hatred and prejudice thrown at her. she’s had an out pouring of support but now she has deleted all her posts and it feels like she has said good bye. I hope not, I enjoyed her. That is very sad. So, reading your post makes me feel very positive and makes me want to move forward. I’m not even American and had no vote in this. I just hope a lot of writers in your country doesn’t let this happen to them.