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Thanks for the Comments


I really appreciate the comments about the two workshops the last two days. Seems the copyright workshop might be worthwhile if it focused on how to use copyright to make more money with your fiction.

So Kris and I will give it some thought.

And I’m having fun moving over the lectures to a new place easier to use for everyone. I have seven of the lectures moved so check it out. I think they look pretty good.

Tomorrow back to running and to writing. Got a fun new running plan to talk about which should also work for some of you with writing and goal setting. Stay tuned.

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  • Cora

    I like the look Dean. Hopefully not too much work for you. For those of us who have a few of these under our belts, how do we get signed up again for the new site? Thanks.

    • dwsmith

      Soon as I get them all there I’ll let everyone know how to get in if already signed up to one of the lectures. And the first 27 will still remain on the old site as well, but we will start doing new lectures at the new place only. Slow transition.