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Some History About a Thriller

Some History!

The Pulse Pounder Thriller bundle only has two days left before it vanishes.

The book I have in the thriller bundle is called An Easy Shot: A Golf Thriller. Yes, it is possible to write a golf thriller.

This book has an interesting history.

This book, as many of my books do, started suddenly when I got a call from an editor who needed a book quickly to help start a new line of books. He had the first twelve books purchased, but the company sales force seemed to be having issues selling the idea of the line, so he needed a first book to help them.

He needed it done quickly and he needed a thriller.

And it needed to have sex in it. So I figured what the hell, I would do a golf sex thriller.

Why not? (Yeah, I was having fun.)

I got it done to deadline and the editor liked it and the publisher liked it and it was published under one of my pen names. The book had a short life before the publisher decided to kill the entire line of books.

That should have been the end of the story for this novel, but then, in a classy move, the publisher reverted all rights to all the books and stories bought.

But indie publishing did not yet exist, so this book sat in a drawer for a decade or so until one day I realized it would be a fun book to serialize in Smith’s Monthly if I took the sex out.

And interestingly enough, the book got better, tighter, without the five sex scenes.

So I serialized it in Smith’s Monthly, then it came out with the cover you see above. And now it’s in a great bundle.

Here’s the blurb  for the novel.


Seattle detectives Craig and Bonnie Frakes want nothing more than to enjoy each other’s company and their golf vacation in Scottsdale. They need the rest.

But their vacation plans take a sudden turn when they overhear a conversation between two men plotting a murder—the murder of someone very powerful.

Outside their jurisdiction and unsure whom to trust, the Frakes must plan each move of their investigation carefully—or risk multiple lives, including their own.


You can get the novel as a stand-alone novel.

But I would suggest you get it in the bundle with all the other great books. Just two days left, so don’t delay. You can get the bundle at:



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