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Three Years of Smith’s Monthly

Three Years of Smith’s Monthly

That’s right. In three years I have filled a 60,000 to 80,000 word magazine with novels and short stories every month. All my own writing. I wrote every word.

For 36 issues.

(Issue #36 is going out to subscribers electronically and will be posted to Patreon tomorrow.)

36 novels.

Over 170 short stories.

And you have all watched me do it right here, right out in public, every day for the last three years. Through the ups and downs.  I also wrote a bunch of nonfiction books at the same time, but they were mostly not around Smith’s Monthly.

I want to thank the subscribers to the magazine. Pretty gutsy thing to do, subscribe to a project no one had ever done or even tried before. So thank you!!

And for those of you supporting this blog and Smith’s Monthly on Patreon, thank you as well. Very, very much appreciated.

— Some details about the last 36 months.

I wrote an average of about Pulp Speed 3 during those three years counting all the words I wrote except for responses to comments in blogs. Total about 1.4 million words per year total. (While working basically a full-time job with teaching and WMG Publishing.)

I started numbers of novel series in the magazine, including Thunder Mountain, The Cold Poker Gang, Seeders Universe, and Ghost of a Chance, among others.

I also published 36 Poker Boy short stories and one Poker Boy novel and one Poker Boy short novel in the issues.

— What is in the future for Smith’s Monthly?

First…. Going to promote and get more accessible the 36 issues that are out there. I think of them as collections of my work. Time to let people know they are there. One hell of a series when you look at it.

The goal with that is to ramp up the sales. And at the same time do more for my Patreon subscribers.

Second… Just keep on going.

Goal is one hundred issues.

Just over four more years. Then I’ll see again. I’ll be over 70 at that point.

So My Take On The Last Three Years


The entire idea is impossible.

The entire idea could never be done.

No writer in the history of publishing has ever done anything like Smith’s Monthly. Let alone keep it going for years without missing a month.

All that was said at many points along the way. (And to be honest, I thought some of it too.)


Not so crazy, not so impossible, and now it has been done.

And the magazine, the crazy idea, will continue.

I hope you all will support this crazy project going forward. You can do that by supporting this blog through Patreon. Very simple.

And this winter WMG Publishing will be bundling the first 36 issues in various ways. So you can get the issues you missed if you want a set.

And trust me, the set of 36 issues in paper, all standing on my shelf, is something to behold.

I walk past it on my way into my office and sometimes just run my hand along the spines. The are something I am very proud of.

Very, very proud of.

If you want to get information about the entire 36 issues, issue by issue, go to:

Smith’s Monthly Magazine

Now onward.

You can support this ongoing blog at Patreon on a monthly basis. Not per post. Just click on the Patreon image. Thanks for your support.


  • D J Mills

    Of course you should be proud of your achievement with Smith Monthly. Well done!

    Just watching the magazine begin and get established was a wonderful lesson. Along with workshops and writing stories, I feel I have come a long way from back in 2010 when I published my first short story.

  • Shantnu Tiwari

    I can recommend supporting Dean’s patreon. You get the all the Smiths Monthly editions, plus other books Dean writes. Plus you support Dean’s writing.

    Dean: I must say, I had given up reading short stories in the last 10 years or so. Mainly because no one writes them, because the thinking is: They dont sell.

    I know we are not supposed to write to market, but it is still depressing to hear over and over again: No one reads shorts. Even readers tell me this, but then I think they are just repeating what they heard.

    Your success makes me want to try writing short stories more seriously. I wrote a few last month, but was then wondering if I was making a mistake, and if I should concentrate on novels. So this post came at a very opportune time. Thanks!

    • Gnondpom

      As a reader, I read mainly short stories since I don’t have much time to read and I love variety. So readers of short stories do exist somewhere!

      I’ll also second your recommendation, supporting Dean’s Patreon is a great way to get A LOT of reading material, as well as support him directly.

      Congratulations Dean for those 3 amazing years, and best of luck with the future of Smith’s Monthly!

      • dwsmith

        Thanks, Gnondpom. Very much appreciated. And I try to make the Patreon page worth the support with Smith’s Monthly and the other books. I sure appreciate everyone’s support.