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Short Story Covers for #50…

With The Help of Angel…

I did these five short story covers for the short stories in #50 in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. April demanded some pets along the way and some attention and there is a new picture of her after the covers.

Turns out four of the five covers were tough art choices which also took me a little longer. All stories are in my regular series, so I went back to styles I had done before and stayed in cover style. Of course, tonight all five were in Smith’s Stories branding form.

Sorry these came in so large. Something messed up here in my media editing I guess, couldn’t reduce them.

Right now, as I type this, Angel is passed out on the chair behind me. Recording a week of a workshop tomorrow might be interesting. (grin) She is clearly part Birman and part Siamese. And a kitten. Wow, does she have energy and a purr. The picture is of her and a stuffed dog Kris and I have had around in our homes for over thirty years. It’s name is “Dog.” Clearly Angle likes him.




  • Cheryl

    Great, vibrant images — and bonus! Kitty photo! Reminds me a bit of our Mr. Poe we lost earlier this year. White(-ish) cats seem to really have the inscrutable thing down.

  • Laura+Eaton

    Your extra effort paid off for the covers look fantastic. Why were the art choices tougher than usual?

    Also, Angel is adorable. It’s easy to understand why you and Kris find her irresistable. I wish you much happiness with the newest member of your household 🙂

  • Mark Kuhn

    These covers are awesome. Angel is gorgeous! When I was a kid, our neighbor had a Siamese cat that would chase people if they got too close to the house, but once she got to know you she was great to be around.