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Here Name is Angel…

When my cat Walter died suddenly about six years ago now, I started on a search for a red-point Birman cat. Or actually any Birman. That’s how we ended up with Cheeps from a rescue.

So over the years I have been in more rescue shelters and donated more money to them then I want to remember. And for five years now I have had a computer search out for a Birman anywhere on the West Coast. No luck.

Until about three weeks ago I walked into a local shelter and there was a red-point Birman named Angel.

They were calling her a Flame Point and Kris thinks she might be part Birman and part Siamese. Her hair is actually longer than most Siamese, but shorter than most Birman. She is colored exactly like Cheeps and Walter. They thought she was about two, but after a day with her, she can’t be over 10 months, if that. She was rescued from the street so they were just guessing. But no doubt she is a kitten. And growing.

The key distinction between some Birman and Siamese is the white socks Birman have on their feet. You can see them on Angel in the second picture.

I did my best to get her, but they weren’t releasing her until the vet gave her the all-clear and she finished some medication. So every day for weeks I stopped by and she always got excited when she heard my voice.

And because of us moving condos, in a few weeks it will be a perfect time to introduce her to the boys.

So today, finally after three weeks, we went and got her and brought her to my office where all she wants is attention and wow can she purr. I am learning to write a blog with a cat in front of my screen. That hasn’t happened since Walter died.

So Kris says the two boys will need help at promotion central, so getting them all together should be a joy in a few weeks in our new place, but after a day with her in my office, I have little doubt as to who will win. She is brilliant and a real personality. The boys won’t know what hit them.

So a new member of our household has finally arrived. Here are some first pictures. I am sure Kris will have more on Facebook tomorrow.



  • Vera Soroka

    What a sweet heart! I’m sure she will be very happy and looks like she is already making herself at home.

  • tony

    Thanks for the brief photo essay, and rescuing a lovely kitten!
    And for everything else you do, of course.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Oh, and that stray kitty in our neighborhood from a while back has found a home, too. She wandered into my neighbor’s house and has a happy, stress-free life now.

  • Connor Whiteley

    Hi Dean, great looking cat.
    (Sorry to bother you but did you get my email 3 or 4 days ago about my new kickstarter as part of the best practices course? I used the workshop subject line but think it have ended up in spam)

    • dwsmith

      Connor, got it great and will announce it on Monday night. Tues-Thur are the best times and I’ll give it a push then.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    She’s adorable and you must’ve bonded with her really well if you went to visit her for weeks! She looks bossy, surveying her new kingdom. A personality indeed!

  • Rita Crossley

    Hi Dean.
    Just saw your and Keis’s Post about your move and the beautiful Angel that will be sharing your new space with the boys.
    She is really lovely and I’m sure will be a joy to all of you.
    Russ is getting stronger and better every day and I’m looking forward to getting back to writing/editing.
    When the covid time is over we’re looking forward to visiting Vegas and seeing you again.
    All the best,
    Rita C.

  • Lisa Silverthorne

    OMG, she’s so beautiful! Look at that cute little belly. And I love how she’s sitting on your desk with those paws hanging over. So glad you got her!!

    • dwsmith

      As of an hour ago she now has the run of my office and the main area of 143. And she clearly has some Siamese in her. Birman never yell like she is when she realizes while exploring she can’t see me. (grin) For a kitten, she’s got some lungs.

  • BrendaCarre

    What a gorgeous girl. I can see why you both love her already and I am sure the boys will too. Congratulations on the new angelic addition to Promotion Central. <3

  • JM6

    Congratulations on the new addition. That is a very cute kitten.

    One thing I love about authors showing off their pets is that sometimes we get a peek at their workspaces. In the second photo, we can see your famous yellow pads that you use as you pants your way through the story, to make sure you don’t miss anything, but what intrigue me are all those spiralbound notebooks below the desk. Lists of story titles from magazines, that you use for ideas? Early tracking systems for where various short stories have been sent? Plans for world domination? The possibilities are endless.

    • dwsmith

      Nope, all those are from my early writing days back in the 1970s or so when I thought ideas were important, so I wrote them down. I have moved those stupid spiral notebooks for 40 years now, never looked in them again. But I sure bought into that myth in my early years, notebooks full of wasted time and energy. That’s why I don’t junk them. I want to keep reminding myself I also believed in the myths all those years ago.