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Quick Update

Code Extended…

Seems until I reminded people on my blog last night, they did not know about the blog workshop 50% sale. So I have extended to code to be good through late Sunday night instead of tonight. Popular request.

Monday or Tuesday’s blog at the bottom gives you the information and the code. For all things on Teachable, not just the fantastic March workshops starting up.


  • Cheryl

    Hmm. Looping back to reconsider…
    Dean, how do you know if you’re a good candidate for one of the Advanced Craft classes? (I’m looking at Pacing and Character Development.)
    I missed a lot of learning last year so seem determined to cram tons of it in this year.

    • dwsmith

      Never hurts to take it. Your creative voice will take what you give it and use it when you least expect it if you get out of the way. And if you don’t understand deeply one area or another, you might six months from now if you have it on your dashboard and can go back. So never too early in my opinion.