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Reminder About Down in the Details Classes

All Three First Classes Are Up…

Each week one more class will be filled in all three genres. The second ones in a few days for each one. Thought I would remind you all about them since there is only three more days in the sale to get them at half price.

The brand new series is called DOWN IN THE DETAILS series and it has eight fantasy classes, eight mystery classes, and eight science fiction classes.

There is no deadline to take the classes or to turn in a story. Just one story per class per author, but no deadlines at all. If we fill one of the anthologies (see below), we will just announce another one with a new title to takes its place in that genre. So again, no deadline to take them or turn in a story. Totally up to you.

As I have said before, we hope this will be a really fun on-going series. It will take some time to get off the ground, but we hope the learning in each class helps as well.

Each assignment that goes along with all 24 classes will be considered for inclusion in three really fun original anthology collections published by WMG Publishing Inc and edited by me. Here are the three covers for the first group of anthologies.









The first science fiction class has also been sent to all the backers of the Diving Novel Kickstarter in March as the 2nd stretch reward workshop. All the first five in science fiction will be sent to the backers over the next four weeks.


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