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Two New Stretch Rewards Posted…

One for Diving Kickstarter and One for Pulphouse…

That’s right, two different stretch goals up today. In the Diving Kickstarter the second stretch goal class is posted. It is the second class in the new DOWN IN THE DETAILS science fiction group of classes. It is live on Teachable as well. It is called Writing Science Fiction Invasion Stories.

For the backers of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine who want to try to get into the pages with a story, the guidelines for August are posted in an update to backers. Follow the guidelines completely if you are going to send me a story.


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Just hit purchase on anything you want and on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will have it for half price. Everything is available, including the lifetime subscriptions and the bundles to the new DOWN IN THE DETAILS classes.

Questions, feel free to ask me.