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Really, Really Tired of Packing Boxes…

But This Was the Last Day…

By noon tomorrow the movers will be gone and we will mostly be in our new place. It will take a month to clean up the other two condos and turn in the keys, but there will be no massive amount of things to do. Get some stuff to storage, some things to give away to charities. So tomorrow is the big move. Then we unpack all the boxes we have been packing for a week.

And tomorrow is the first day of the craziness with the little girl meeting the two boys, all in a brand new place. I am sure Kris will have pictures.

I am so excited about my new office. So think I’m going to have some fun writing. About four years ago I wrote four novels in July and had a blast doing that. So think I will do it again this July, put them in a book like Stories from July when I wrote 32 short stories in July. (I am serializing Stories from July now in Smith’s Monthly.

So stay tuned. Could be interesting. I will document it here as I go. Not to the detail I did with that last writing a book in half a month, but enough. And talk about the writing process more.

And you would be able to read all four novels in Smith’s Monthly #51-54 (Actually one will be exclusive in a bundle first).

Can you tell I am excited about my new office? With luck I will be in it for a very long time.

So now back to packing boxes. Back to you from the my new office tomorrow night. Maybe with some pictures.


  • Kat

    Good luck with the final move, Dean! Getting stuff into a new place is a pain, but setting up that new space is fun. Especially a new office. Good luck with the cat contingent too! That’ll be interesting.

    Does this mean you’re not keeping the 2nd condo for office and in-person workshops anymore?

    • dwsmith

      Kat, that is what it means. Things here in Vegas are far too hot in real estate, so we will be back in a hotel for the small conferences. Stay tuned in late July or early August for details.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, after I read the possibility of another volume of Stories from July, I started up a petition and so far about 5,000 people have signed on requesting it.

    All signees also said it’s okay if you’re too busy for a July event. Stories from August, or Stories from September would work just as well.

    Obviously I’m joking, but Stories from July was a tour de force.

    • dwsmith

      Novels from July. Four novels and how they were written in one month. Similar to Stories from July.

  • Dawn Blair

    Dean, I’m so excited for you and Kris. I’m also glad you are super excited about your new office and sharing it with us. Between that and thinking about your road sign post, my own excitement for the road and its milestones has been rekindled. After a decade of the same old drudgery in my life, I took a sudden new adventure. But I was so used to the old rut I’d been in for so long that I couldn’t get out of it. Heck, I hadn’t even realized that I was still in it until your road to the city post. Since then, I feel myself pulling out of the rut and reaching for new road signs. My own excitement has been growing as yours has. I, for one, can’t wait to see pictures of your new office and to hear about Angel’s transition. Somehow, I suspect the two boys are going to have a ruckus surprise. What fun!