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Tired of Packing Boxes…

…And I Got Another Full Day of It Tomorrow…

Kris and I both packed a lot of boxes today, and ran a bunch of errands to get cat stuff that we will need Friday morning. We’re putting the two boys together in one big carrier because it’s just easier for us to get them into that. The little girl goes in and out of her carrier all the time when playing, so no issue there.

But tonight we me packing and taking shelves off the way, she’s getting worried. He would just pay under something, on the floor, out of the way, watching me. When I sat down here at the computer she got all excited, so clearly that really smart little cat knows something is going on.

And Kris is have similar reactions from the two boys upstairs. I think we will all be happy when this is over.

Tomorrow I finish up with my research books, then my brag shelf, then marbles because I want to use my marble case in my new office. Then I will help Kris pack her research library and her brag shelf. Then early in the morning on Friday the movers arrive. Crazy, but going to be wonderful to be in my new office.

Long day tomorrow, so going to go back to packing until I get too tired to night to keep going.

And in case you were wondering why I would type all this, I am on a streak of blogging every day that is now at 2,870 days without a miss. So one more day.

Night, all.