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Ran the South Store for a Time Today

Tough Getting Up at Noon When I Saw Seven A.M….

And the store was deadly slow. So got lots of talking in with the owner of the small mall and with Dan who runs our bookstore which is across the parking lot from the store I was watching.

It feels good to actually be out there seeing how things are running instead of just checking in a few times a week. I don’t need to do this, but I thought it would be fun, except for the lack-of-sleep part.

Then I headed back to my office at the WMG offices and except going home to cook dinner, was in the WMG office until after midnight.

Then home to watch some television (Orville) and work on stuff here in my office, including the next chapter in the nonfiction writing book. I am also gearing up to do a few novels this month and will track them here for the fun of it. My mind wants to write a Cold Poker Gang novel, so going to do that. Not a clue what it is about, just that I feel ready to go back to Las Vegas.

And yes, this week’s episode of Orville really was that good. And gutsy. Great fun to watch.


Promotions Package

And yes, we still have a few spots open. Write me if interested. It is filling.

Information at:


Short Story and Novel Challenge

I am only taking five on each challenge starting on January 1st. So don’t miss on this one if you want a great challenge to start off your new year. Details are a few posts back.

But basically 30 stories in sixty days or three novels in three months. You sign up, when you are done, you get two regular workshop credits. (And with me reading your work I’ll be able to tell you which workshops will help you the most.)

Cost is $600 (same price as two workshops, so I read for free). Write me at if interested in jumping in. I will shut it off at five per challenge.

This will really get your resolution to produce more off the ground in January. And yes, here there are spots open in both challenges.


December Regular Workshops Started Up

Still time to sign up.

Those of you with credits from either the Kickstarter or the certificate special we just offered, you must write me to sign up.

Those who would just like to sign up directly can do so on Teachable at any point. December workshops are there and started. I will have the January workshops posted in a few days.

Nice to have some options on signing up finally.

Class #61… Dec 5th … Think Like a Publisher
Class #62… Dec 5th … Endings
Class #63… Dec 5th … Point of View
Class #64… Dec 5th … Writing Mysteries
Class #65… Dec 5th … Speed
Class #66… Dec 5th … Teams in Fiction
Class #67… Dec 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #68… Dec 6th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #69… Dec 6th … Character Development
Class #70… Dec 6th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #71… Dec 6th … Advanced Depth
Class #72… Dec 6th … Novel Structure

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  • Mark Kuhn

    I haven’t seen the latest Orville episode yet, but I was glad to read it has been renewed for a second season. It is a great show and it really took me by surprise. The gelatinous character cracks me up!

  • LInda Maye Adams

    I’ve been really enjoying The Orville. The stories have been stunning, and I’m enjoying the fact that the women characters have pretty meaty roles. I’ve also been amazed at the reactions of people to it–they hate it because they can’t figure out what it is (really? You can’t have a TV series that has humor and drama at the same time?). I thought what it was about was obvious–it’s about the characters off having cool adventures. That’s one of the things I liked about Star Trek, and one of the things I think people have forgotten.