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Went Picking Today

Not a Great Day for Picking, but Not Bad Either…

I actually spent half the time in the place today in Salem on my phone on eBay looking up German and French and British vintage china to see what prices I could get for it on eBay. (For some reason there was a lot of it.) Found some really nice stuff, not sets, just parts, but the entire cost of the dishes I did find was $2.42 cents (not a typo) and I bet we will list and sell most of that china for well over two hundred bucks. Now that’s a mark-up. (grin)

So a fun afternoon to break the routine of getting all these workshops switched over to Teachable. And for the next three afternoons in a row I get to run the south Pop Culture Collectables. Our main guy there is on a major picking trip up north. I’m looking forward to spending a few hours in the store. Haven’t done that for a while.

Wouldn’t the people coming in be shocked to know a bestselling writer with over a hundred-and-fifty novels was taking their money for their kid’s toy. (grin)


Promotions Package

Again, if I wasn’t clear in my post last night, WMG Publishing is not going to do this regularly or ever again for that matter. This is not a part of our new business model or something. This is a one-time offer to ten people. Period.

And yes, we still have a few spots open. Read the post ahead of this one and then write me if interested.


Short Story and Novel Challenge

I am only taking five on each challenge starting on January 1st. So don’t miss on this one if you want a great challenge to start off your new year. Details are a few posts back.

But basically 30 stories in sixty days or three novels in three months. You sign up, when you are done, you get two regular workshop credits. (And with me reading your work I’ll be able to tell you which workshops will help you the most.)

Cost is $600 (same price as two workshops, so I read for free). Write me at if interested in jumping in. I will shut it off at five per challenge.

This will really get your resolution to produce more off the ground in January. And yes, here there are spots open in both challenges.


December Regular Workshops Started Up

If you think you are signed up for a December workshop through me, and didn’t get a letter, write me. You can sign up with me or through Teachable..

And still time to sign up.

Those of you with credits from either the Kickstarter or the certificate special we just offered, you must write me to sign up.

Those who would just like to sign up directly can do so on Teachable at any point. December workshops are there and started.

Nice to have some options on signing up finally.

Class #61… Dec 5th … Think Like a Publisher
Class #62… Dec 5th … Endings
Class #63… Dec 5th … Point of View
Class #64… Dec 5th … Writing Mysteries
Class #65… Dec 5th … Speed
Class #66… Dec 5th … Teams in Fiction
Class #67… Dec 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #68… Dec 6th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #69… Dec 6th … Character Development
Class #70… Dec 6th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #71… Dec 6th … Advanced Depth
Class #72… Dec 6th … Novel Structure

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  • Mark Kuhn

    Dean, how long have you been picking? It seems like every trip is like a treasure hunt! It takes a lot of knowledge to know when you’re getting a good deal.

    • dwsmith

      My entire life. And yes, it takes a brain full of stupid information and general information about prices of junk. If I had known I could do this for a living thirty years ago, I might not have been a writer.

      • Gnondpom

        And no Jukebox stories, and no Poker Boy, and and and… And no Dean helping new writers.

        Scary indeed. I’m glad in this world picking is just a hobby for you!