Quick Post

To meet challenge… web site issues.

They are starting to get resolved, but for a short time there I thought my posting streak was over. All will be well here by tomorrow afternoon.

And fantastic that we hit the goal on the Kickstarter in three days. Thank you everyone.


  • Harvey

    If your streak ever “ends” through no fault of your own (e.g., you didn’t put yourself in that position and it’s totally out of your hands), I say ignore it and keep on keeping on.

  • allynh

    I’m reading through _Paperbacks from Hell_ by Gary Hendrix.

    So far it’s a fun romp. On page 23 he mentions Michael Avallone. I looked him up on wiki and he published about a thousand books under many different pen names.

    The covers that fill the book are great. I only recognize a tiny fraction.