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A Sort of Repeat

Still Having a Little Site Issue…

So while the issue is getting cleared up, with luck by tomorrow (Monday), I figured I would just tell you again about the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter.

We made our goal in just three days, which was wonderful!!  And stunning. And now we are getting close to our first stretch goal.

So thank you, everyone who supported this new/old project. It’s going to be great fun!

The kickstarter is at:

You really want to watch the fun video that Kris did to show the history of Pulphouse. It shows me and Kris aging very, very quickly. (grin)

Also, September (last month) was the 30 year anniversary of the launch of Pulphouse. Our first book came out in September, 1987. Holy smokes, are we that old, really?

Looking at the video, I would say yes. (grin)


And yes, just as with Fiction River Kickstarter a year ago, you can get some deals on workshops and lectures.


The Strengths Workshops are only available through the Kickstarter again. Either two of them or all six.  You do those at your own pace. NOTE: The Strengths workshops, where Kris and I look at your writing, your sales, your business, will not be open again. Only through this kickstarter.

The strengths workshops were open last spring and some people are still working their way through them, which is great. The workshops are designed to be done at your own pace as your time allows.


If you take the online regular workshops reward to help Pulphouse, you get workshops for $250 each instead of three hundred. And you can use the credits for any workshop starting in November. No hurry on when you use them. A couple people who had credits from the Kickstarter a year ago still have one or two left now.

You can get three monthly workshops at a discount, or one workshop at a discount. And with both you get a subscription to Pulphouse.

If you want more than three, just go to that reward and pledge more in multiples of $250. So if you wanted four instead of three, pledge $1000 for the $750 reward and we will get you the extra workshop credit when this is all over.

And a side note: Over the next two days or so I will schedule out the workshops through March and also announce a new workshop starting in November. Novel Structures. It’s going to be a great workshop and yes, the Kickstarter credits can be used for the November workshops, any of them.


Or you can get lectures. Five lectures or one lecture. You have choices in the rewards. Also at a discount and we will be doing new lectures all winter so you hold the lecture credits and use them at any point.

And as I said all include a Pulphouse subscription.


If you want to be a character in one of my novels, there is a reward there for that in the kickstarter. Not kidding.

I can make you a hero, send you through time, or kill you in some brutal and fun fashion to make you a ghost agent. Totally your choice if you take that reward. I will work with you to get details and how you want to be portrayed and I will send you a few signed copies of the final book when it comes out to give to friends and such. Fun gift. (I will write the book in early 2018, so it would be a Christmas 2018 gift.)

So after 21 years, PULPHOUSE IS BACK!!!

Thanks for all the help!!



  • Michael D. Toman

    Hi, Dean and Kris!

    Saw the interview with Dean about Pulphouse coming back in the latest online issue of Mike Glyer’s FILE 770.


    IIRC I was a Lifetime Subscriber “back in the day.”

    Please let me know if I need to send you more money to renew my subscription. Thanks!

    Am looking forward to seeing what you;’ll be doing with the new PULPHOUSE.



    • dwsmith

      Michael, super. Would you do me a favor and email me that exact same thing and I can get you into the system. No need for more money to renew. We’ll get you onto the list. Great hearing from you.