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    A Day of Other Work, Not Writing Fun

    Nothing Done On The Card Sharp Silver Novel… So not even going to count this as a day on the book. But notice what I spent most of my day on. (grin) I think I finally brought the look of this blog from 1990s (maybe) to 2020. I have a ton to do to get the fiction stuff up to date under the different pages. And so some other stuff I want to add in. But in time I will get there. This sudden shift has been coming on for a while. And last night that old theme finally just broke and for a while I thought I would miss…

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    Quick Post

    To meet challenge… web site issues. They are starting to get resolved, but for a short time there I thought my posting streak was over. All will be well here by tomorrow afternoon. And fantastic that we hit the goal on the Kickstarter in three days. Thank you everyone.