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The Nifty Video

Watch Kris and I Age…

This is the video that is on the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine kickstarter. Kris did it and I think caught the attitude of both the history and the magazine.

Take a look if you haven’t seen it. Kris and I age. (grin)

And right now, as I post this, we are at $4,000, only $1,000 away from making the goal in just two days. That makes my heart glad that our history with Pulphouse is coming back in this new form, with some writers from the original magazine and some fantastic new writers.

And remember, you can get discounts on workshops and lectures while supporting Pulphouse.

But even if you can’t support the project now, watch the fun video. 30 years ago this month we published the very first Pulphouse Publishing book. That’s me holding it up for Kris thirty years ago in the video. We were children. Yow.