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Kickstarter Doing Great!

Gaining on the Second Stretch Goal…

The WMG Holiday Spectacular 2023 campaign funded in 45 minutes, hit the first stretch goal in under 24 hours, and was given by Kickstarter a PROJECT WE LOVE designation that is really hard to get.

Now it is gaining on the second stretch goal, which not only has more holiday reading, but a writing class included.

If you have been studying Kikstarters, go take a look at how we did the Story in this one. I think it looks really nifty. And fits the Holiday Spectacular perfectly!!

And how cool is all the holiday merchandise??? Since there are three books, with three beautiful holiday covers, we licensed the fantastic artwork for three different mugs, three different blankets, three different coasters, three different puzzles, and three different pillows.

This is the 5th year for the Holiday Spectacular and it is getting more popular every year. So Kris is going to need stories for next year’s books and Holiday Spectacular calendar.

She hopes to give writers a course in writing stories she might like and want to buy, so that’s why the three workshops this year. One to learn holiday thriller short story writing, one to learn holiday romance short story writing, and one to learn holiday fantasy short story writing. The third assignment in each will be to write a short story for next year’s calendar. And be in one of the books.

Yes, there is a discount to sign up for all three. A lot of learning, since each one is three weeks long.

So we hope you will take a look. Every backer gets the calendar, which is 40 original short stories from Thanksgiving through January 1st. They just arrive every day in your in-box with an introduction to the story by Kris. Super fun.

Please help us pass the word. The more backers, the more cool stuff everyone gets.

Just click here… WMG Holiday Spectacular 2023 campaign

And watch Kris’s video about the campaign. Might have to double-click.