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One More Day Off

Actually, Working Like Crazy…

Just off from the novel. And that’s why I am taking the time, and planned on it five days ago, because I knew how much work was coming at me. I just didn’t expect it to last more than two or three days.

But I did succeed at one thing today (besides a ton of work). I managed to get my steps up over 12,000 steps (about 6 miles for me… No running, just walking).

Had to get away from the computer screen to rest my eyes, so went for a walk downtown past the construction on the new resort. Parking garage has topped out at seven floors and the hotel/casino has three more floors to go to get to 44 to top out. Big construction. Fun to watch all the activity with everything else so shut down around it.

Then a walk later with Kris and a walk tonight with Kris. So step one has started, bringing back up the exercise, dropping the ten pounds or so I have gained since October. Tomorrow I will attempt to do the walking again and also bring back in the writing on the novel.

I still have a ton of work to do on another project launching next week, but gaining on that part.

Cat Bundle…

If you are not following Kris’s attempt to get our two cats to promote the on Facebook, you should. Fun cat pictures.

All I can do here is post the link and a picture. Why I am seldom on “social” media. I be boring…




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