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Got Some Question On The Half Price Workshop Sale


That was the first question I got a few times.

Are all the pop-ups half price as well? Yes.

All the Lifetime Subscriptions? Yes.

— Even the bundles of other workshops, like the Classic Bundles? Or Pop-up bundles? Yes and yes.

Every WMG Publishing Workshop, Lecture, Pop-Up, Class, or Subscription on Teachable is HALF PRICE!

At least until 5pm on Friday, West Coast Time. So all day tomorrow and a ways into Friday.

That’s right, on anything available on Teachable (hit “See All Courses) right now, just use the code SpringTraining2020 and get any class or workshop half price. (And if you have credits from a Kickstarter, please just write me with the workshops you want and I will get you a code.)

So stock up on workshops and lectures to get you through the next month or two.

To get anything on WMG’s Teachable at half price, it is simple. Just use the code when you check out. The code is…




More questions from this first day…

— Can I tell my workshop? Yes, feel free to pass this around to any writer. We are all stuck, so we might as well all keep learning. But remember, this offer ends sharply at 5 pm West Coast Time on Friday, April 10th

— How do I get more than one workshop?

You can buy more than one, and do the workshop at any point in the future. Nothing on Teachable expires. But you just have to buy one at a time because Teachable has no shopping cart.

— Can I Give a Workshop as a Gift? Yes, you can give a friend the gift of learning and sanity. Simply buy the workshop, then write me and I will give you a code to get into the workshop or workshops or lectures or whatever to give to your friend to get into the lecture or workshop or whatever for no cost.

So some good questions. This is a tough time for all of us, and we have time to keep writing and learning before this opens up. So that’s why we are doing this, to help.

Please stay home and stay safe. And make writing and learning fun.

Spring Training on Teachable. (Hit “See All Courses.”) Code is SpringTraining2020


  • Eli Jones

    OK, decided to finally pull the trigger on the Depth classic workshop. Although I started the first video, and you mention, very clearly, that this is Plotting With Depth (I missed that in my eagerness) and it builds on Depth and Advanced Depth, and those should be considered required.

    Whoops! Glad these don’t expire! Now I just need to adjust some time/budget factors to take the May Depth workshop.

    Thanks for offering these at half off, Dean. Great deal.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, Plotting with Depth requires at least the basic Writing with Depth workshop. In fact, the Writing with Depth workshop is sort of the cornerstone of many of the workshops we do. Got two right now, one that started yesterday for April and one that starts May 6th. And you can sign up for one of those in this sale and then push back the date if those dates don’t work for you. The workshop takes about 3 hours a week to do and you need to turn in the assignments to let me help you stay on track. Just about no one makes it through the workshop without at least one redo on an assignment.

      If I can be of help, let me know.