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Card Sharp Silver… Day 16

I Hate Restarting…

Five days or so since I wrote anything on this novel, and that makes it kind of rough to get restarted. Annoying is a better term.

The day started off as I did a few emails, then around 12:30 headed out into the wilds of empty Las Vegas. A stop at a vegan bakery for deserts for Kris, then a stop at Cinnaholic, another vegan deserts place with cinnamon rolls to die for. Then off to the grocery store.

Made it back and got decontaminated by 3:30 pm. A nap, then more email, then a walk with Kris, then dinner and a television show.

Back in here around 8 pm for more email, then I worked on the final stages of a Kickstarter we are firing up this next week. A small but good one, we think. Another short walk, then watched a show with Kris, then the late news, then back in here.

(I did not reach my step count today. Too much time shopping.)

Got over to the writing computer a little before midnight and spent a good 30 minutes or more trying to get the book back in my head, sort of in a long cycle of about 5,000 words or so.

Then I managed just under a thousand new words before my eyes gave out.

Long day.

So now, I hate to tell you this, I am going to go read, not stories from assignments or challenges like I should, but Kris’s new Diving Universe novel that is sitting in manuscript just calling to me.

I know that those of you who have read the Diving Universe series know exactly what I am talking about. Sorry, I get to read it first. (grin)

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  • Ashley R Pollard

    So envious that you get to read the new Diving book first, but I will get my copy and then all will be golden.

    PS: Going out = risking death; yep, that’s a thing now.