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On The Road Once Again

Headed for Lincoln City, Oregon. 

That is a 20 hour drive and I am staying to the back roads for the most part, up through the center of Nevada, stay in Boise, then across the center of Oregon to avoid Portland traffic.

And yes, I will be careful, basically drive-through meals and more hand sanitizer than I can absorb. Plus I stay away from anyone too stupid or callous to NOT wear a mask. And I do mean way, way away.

A side note: If you are following this blog and think you are too good, too perfect, too smart to wear a mask when out in public anywhere and everywhere, please take this web site off your list. You are not worth my time.

The goal of this trip is to pack my office up there and a bunch of other stuff, then load it all onto a massive UHaul next week and two movers will load the truck and drive the UHaul for me back here and unload it into the new office down here.

WMG will be rid of the big place and instead have two official offices, one in Lincoln City and one in Las Vegas. And when we can all get back to meeting in person and traveling, we will hold the small craft workshops in the new office here.

I will be here on this blog every evening reporting in on progress, but no pictures until I get back because my old iPad just won’t handle it.

So stay safe out there, folks. Keep exercising. Wear masks. The life you save might just be mine.


  • Philip

    Hard to believe people aren’t wearing masks. How hard is it to comply?

    Here in the Philadelphia area, people have been great about wearing masks. Of course I really don’t go out much except for going to the park with my kids and shopping for food, but I always see people obeying the law regarding masks. I’m glad my community is taking this thing seriously. The only lapse we had were the looters who infiltrated the peaceful protesters a few weeks ago–oddly, they weren’t wearing masks when it would have actually helped them steal and get away with it.

  • Kate Pavelle

    By George, you’re doing it! You’ll be out of that building by the end of the month, just as you said. This situation makes me think of challenges and marathons and such. And the power of your stubborn, ornery determination, which I try to make rub off on me.
    Seriously, aside from craft/business stuff, work ethic and Dean’s Ornery Stubborn (TM) might be one of your best teaching gifts!

    About masks, I fight Covidiots in my spare time. I started a sideline making masks made of linen, which are breathable and have a pocket for an optional polypropylene filter. Linen is, aside from mohair, one of my most favoritest materials to work with, naturally antibacterial, hard-wearing, easy to take care of, and it will let the breath through easier than cotton. Let’s hope that fashion conquers idiocy… for a change. (I did consider the WIBBOW issue and decided I need a hands-on craft that will let me listen to music or audiobooks, and that’s not writing or publishing related.)

    Stay safe and may the Covidiots stay far away from you!