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No Surprise to Anyone…

We have officially pushed back the anthology workshop from Feb 2021 to February 28th through March 3rd, 2022.

The writing for the anthology workshop always starts in November.

We did not feel that it would be safe yet for anyone to really travel in seven months from now. So we’re giving it another year with the hope that things can be under control by early 2022.

We did add in a bonus for those signed up and paid and who are holding over the year to 2022. Kris will need the Holiday Spectacular stories again, so anyone signed up and paid will be invited by Kris to write for those three anthologies this coming winter. No promises, but an opportunity.

And we have 10 spots left open for the anthology workshop in 2022. Information on www.wmgworkshops.com.

I notified everyone who is already signed up, but if I missed you, first check your spam filter and then write me.

Stay safe out there, wear masks when out, and we’ll all get through this craziness.



  • Robert J. McCarter

    At this point I am a more relieved than bummed. Sorry to not get to make it up there anytime soon and hang out with a bunch of great writers, but staying safe is way more important.

    Thanks for calling this so far out. And the Holiday Spectacular will be fun to write for even if we can’t all get together.

  • Barb

    I was aiming at 2023 anyway… hoping things will be back to normal by then and that you’ll still do it! Things have quieted down in Italy, but some people are still afraid of the virus, even though deaths have gone down and emergency rooms are no longer crowded. We’ll see…
    Hope to see you in 2023, either for this or for some other in-person workshop! 🙂