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Leg One Down

Ten Hour Drive from Las Vegas to Boise…

Made it fine. Too much fast food, as I knew I would do. And since it was deepest, stupidest, red Northern Nevada, very few face masks in sight. I stayed over 20 feet from anyone without a mask and moved quickly. Families traveling through all had masks on their kids and seemed just as bothered as I was about the idiots.

Boise has a harsh mandatory face mask rule, so fine here. I am sure Eastern Oregon will be a problem area again tomorrow.

Otherwise no issue at all. Kris and I have a fairly new Cadillac SUV and it is scary comfortable to drive on the open road. So did the 10 hours with three stops. Ely NV, Wells NV, Twin Falls, ID and then Boise. Then went out for a walk in the 90 degree evening air here to get some steps.

So up early to have breakfast with WMG’s attorney, then the nine hours to the coast.



  • Annie Reed

    Ah yes, red Northern Nevada. This is why I only leave the house once every two weeks on average, and only for essentials at places where they enforce the mandatory mask thing. Venturing into the rural areas is like reading comments on local news posts–simply mind boggling. Safe travels.

  • Melaine Ryther


    I see plenty of “idiots” in blue areas not wearing masks too. I’m a red voter (cancel me if you want) and I wear a mask. I live in a red area and we’re not all stupid. I wish you all the best on your travels, but have to say I’m disappointed in all the political digs and the unfair generalizations. Your blog, your choice, of course. Stay safe!