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A Day of Other Work, Not Writing Fun

Nothing Done On The Card Sharp Silver Novel…

So not even going to count this as a day on the book. But notice what I spent most of my day on. (grin)

I think I finally brought the look of this blog from 1990s (maybe) to 2020.

I have a ton to do to get the fiction stuff up to date under the different pages. And so some other stuff I want to add in. But in time I will get there.

This sudden shift has been coming on for a while. And last night that old theme finally just broke and for a while I thought I would miss my blog streak because I couldn’t get anything to post. So out of desperation, I did a quick switch back to an even older theme, which allowed me to get a post up, then switch it back.

So this morning I just decided to toss the writing and get 80% of this switch done. By myself. And I kept my sense of humor and did no swearing. Something I am very proud of. (grin)

My thanks to Josh at WMG because I kept calling him with questions. Gave him no warning at all. Thanks, Josh for dropping what you were doing and walking an old man through some things. Really appreciated!

So I like the clean, simple new look. Hope you do as well. Still a few changes to come, and also a ton more information to get up to date on those top menu stuff. I let so much of it get years behind.

So tomorrow back to the daily notes on the novel.


  • Kate Pavelle

    I clicked on my saved link… and almost spilled my coffee! 😉 Looks great, Dean. Now all your padawan will be changing their themes from the blocky retro look to something sleek and light!

  • Ana

    I like it, looks great, but… (yeah, it was coming) I don’t see links for Next and Previous posts.
    If it’s on the to do list, forget it, you’ll get it done in due time. If you forgot or was considering to get rid of it… It’s something i use a lot, so please, reconsider.
    It might also be there, but my browser is not displaying it. I’m on an Ubuntu PC using Brave browser (a fork of Chromium), which is a browser specialized in security, so it blocks a lot of things, some web pages don’t work as smoothly in this browser as in others. If it’s just me, don’t bother, I’ll use another browser.
    Regards, and again, I like this new theme a lot