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North by Northwest Kickstarter Getting New Rewards

Classic Workshops Added as a Bonus…

That’s right. If you get a workshop credit through the Kickstarter we have going for our bookstore, you will also get a classic workshop for free. One classic workshop for every workshop you pledge. (And you can get as many as you want just by adding to the workshop rewards in increments of $250.)

So the workshops (just for the duration of the Kickstarter) are $250 instead of $300 and you get a free Classic Workshop worth $150.00. Pretty good deal if you are thinking of taking some writing or publishing workshops.

You can see all the details of every workshop under the “online workshop tab” to the right.

For those who don’t know, here is a list of the regular and classic workshops we do on teachable now.

A List of All Regular Monthly Workshops (no real order)

Depth in Writing (Start with this one. It is offered every month.)
Advanced Depth
Writing into the Dark
Teams in Fiction
Novel Structure
Author Voice
Dialogue (Advanced Character and Dialogue)
Writing Fantasy
Writing Mystery
Point of View
Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Research (Depth #3)
Writing Short Stories
How to Edit Your Own Work
Writing Sales Copy
The Business of Writing
Think Like a Publisher

A List of All Classic Workshops (no real order)

–Writing Thrillers
–Writing Series
–Adding Suspense
–Character Voice
–Ideas to Story
–Genre Structure
–Plotting with Depth
–Writing Science Fiction



The reason we are doing this is to expand the store into four unused rooms. But wow do those rooms need work. We are planning to do it no matter what, but the Kickstarter will speed up the process a whole bunch.

And in the expanding, we will be starting up a system where indie writers and publishers can get their books into our store. (Right now we don’t have much room.) We want to focus a lot on indie books and hand-sell them. After all, the bookstore is owned by writers and run by writers.

And yeah, we know, the belief is that bookstores are dying. Nope. The bookstores that are dying are the ones run by people stuck in the old systems. North by Northwest Books has been profitable almost from day one since we bought it. We are selling books around the world through ABE, eBay, and Amazon. And shortly will have our own sales web site.

Modern bookstores carrying new and used and selling wide are doing great. And we don’t even care if you drop by and showcase our books and buy online. All we care about is helping customers find the book they want when they want it.

Link to the kickstarter here...

Here is our slogan on tee-shirts and book bags and such:

Buy Paper Books… Give Bookmarks Something To Do.

Here are some of the nifty rewards…

— You can give certificates to your local library or school for books and North by Northwest Books will work with the library or school to make sure they get the right books for their needs.

— You can buy a mystery box of either science fiction, mystery, or comics. Your choice.

— Discounts on lectures and workshops. You can get multiple of these if you want.

— Every major WMG book for 2018.

— A nifty book bag or a book bag full of books.

— A gift certificate in the store if you or someone you know is coming to the Oregon Coast.

And with every award you get the most recent volume of Fiction River.

So take a look and at least watch the crazy video below. And see what our bookstore on the Oregon Coast looks like inside. It’s nifty, I promise.

And take a look at the entire North by Northwest Kickstarter here

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