Kip Ward

In 1984 I went to work for Kip Ward…

…as his only waiter in his 99 cent spaghetti restaurant called “Kip’s.” I worked there for a full year, writing, until my house near the beach in Lincoln City burnt down and my second wife and I moved back to Idaho to recover.

Thirty-three years. For the last thirteen years or so Kris and I have offered writer workshops based at his wonderful and unique hotel The Anchor.

I spent many wonderful evenings for years playing poker with Kip, one of the best natural players I had ever had the pleasure to go against.

Kip was part of the center of this town. The workshops will go on without him. The town will go on without him. So will life in general.

But he will be missed.

It was a great honor to know him and call him a friend.