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14 Tools for Making Book Covers…

Nate at the Digital Reader just did a post on 14 sites for helping with making covers. Some of them make the 3d covers.

I know some of you here are still paying far too much to have covers made. Time to dig in to a learning curve and start doing your own.

In case anyone is interested, I do covers in InDesign with some help from Photoshop. If you go to you can get tutorials on how to learn either of those programs.

But the article has some easier methods than what we use here. Worth a look, especially if you want to learn how to do 3d covers and do your own book covers instead of paying for them.


  • Mike Lawrence

    Great resource! I’ve always done my own covers with GIMP and royalty free digital art (with confirmed license for book covers) – which brings them in at less than $10 per. Will definitely take a look at these – especially the 3D.

    Thank you!

  • Kate Pavelle

    Speaking of book covers, many of the sites changed their TOS recently to disallow the use of recognizable models for romance, erotica, political, religious, or other offensive use. Adobe especially shot themselves in the foot with this. I’m rereading all the TOS’s to find out who’s in, and who to bug for getting my money back. DepositPhotos is one of the good guys.