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Motivation Monday Starts in a Week…

First Three Videos on Monday 20th…

Kris and I at lunch today got talking about the first two extra Motivation Mondays we are doing in December before the new year starts. And we figured they would be perfect for some motivational and helpful videos on how to get ready for the new year.

So we came up with six videos for the first two Motivation Mondays, all of it focused on how to help get started into the new year in a fun way with the writing and publishing.

Topics like Time Control, Preparing Your Office, Setting Schedules and a bunch more.

As I said, over the year I’m going to be doing some of these to motivate and talk to myself with my challenge. (grin)

Remember, every Monday there will be three videos waiting when you get up, motivational and helpful and learning videos. You can jump into this on Teachable. Get a quarter or the entire year for a discount.

Great fun!!

And speaking of fun and motivation, I am down five pounds now in the last few weeks and Kris and I started together on a fun charity run this weekend. (Picture below.) What has happened in the past is that I get out ahead of Kris, then when I start walking, she passes me because she runs the entire distance and I can never catch her. But right now she has a sore knee she is taking care of, so we both started off running, then we walked together the middle section of the course, and then when we started running the last mile or so, I got ahead of her and for the first time all year finished ahead of her. (only because of her sore knee.) But I also managed to get third in my age group. I told one guy the best way to do that was just live longer than anyone else in the age group.

So a fun charity run on a beautiful, but cold morning.

(Now, how is that for motivation?)