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More Licensing Expo…

Attend the Licensing Expo With Me… Virtually…

Great dinner tonight with friends in for the Expo. Lunch and dinner tomorrow with friends as well.

I have three days of groundwork now up on the class. More Monday when I go to get my badge.

This will be me attending the Licensing Expo and taking pictures and movies and describing things every day when the day is over. If you are thinking of ever attending the Licensing Expo at some point in the future, I would suggest you jump into this. It is still open on Teachable.


Direct link is

Again, it will be videos and photos that I will upload each night when I get home, along with videos of me explaining pictures and what is happening. Videos will be taken with my phone, so it will be rough. But it will be good enough to give you a sense of what you would be attending.

And how to prepare to attend to get the most out of it. And license your IP.


  • Connor Whiteley

    Everyone, the first three days have been absolutely fascinating and riveting. Looking forward to the actual days of the Expo itself.

    Definitely buy the course.

    Also, this is really helping me have an idea about what to look for when I got to the London version in October. Like, find out what the small companies are doing, see what 2 whole publishers out of the hundreds of companies are doing and more.

    I’m even more excited for October now. I’m going to learn tons.

  • Scott

    Is this included in the lifetime subscription to either workshops or lectures? I got both recently during your sale (thanks for the discount!). I’m not saying it should be, just wondering how it all works as I figure things out.

    I just finished the first Depth workshop and…wow…big changes in my scenes already. Shaking my head at the mistakes I was making that seem so obvious, but only after they are pointed out. I feel lucky that I spent just a few days learning that information instead of years.

    Thank you.

    • dwsmith

      Scott, afraid this is just a stand alone thing. Not part of any subscription except the Everything Subscription. Glad Depth helped out. Advanced Depth would be next when you are ready (under your subscription.)