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Attend Licensing Expo With Me…

Just Started Up…

A couple days of groundwork now up. More tomorrow and then more on Monday when I go to get my badge.

This will be me attending the Licensing Expo and taking pictures and movies and describing things every day when the day is over. If you are thinking of ever attending the Licensing Expo at some point in the future, I would suggest you jump into this. It is still open on Teachable.


Direct link is

Again, it will be videos and photos that I will upload each night when I get home, along with videos of me explaining pictures and what is happening. Videos will be taken with my phone, so it will be rough. But it will be good enough to give you a sense of what you would be attending.

And how to prepare to attend to get the most out of it.


  • Connor Whiteley

    Hi Dean,
    I really looking forward to this course. It should be brilliant. Thanks for doing it.

    And yesterday I registered for Brand Licensing Europe in October. The London version of the Expo run by the same people. I’m extremely excited about going, it should be brilliant, fascinating and I was looking through the exhibitors and I can’t understand why some companies are there. So that will be an interesting learning experience in itself.

  • Harvey Stanbrouigh

    You might want to double-check, Dean.

    When I went to Teachable, signed in, and put “ATTEND THE LICENSING EXPO 2023 WITH DEAN” into the search box, the only result was Lifetime Subscription to Pop-Up Classes Courses: 68 $3,000.

  • Keith West

    Thanks for putting this one together, Dean. I’ve watched all the videos so far and am looking forward to everything I’m going to learn this week.